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TE Connectivity (TE), is a world leader in technology providing feasible connectivity and sensor solutions to solve every day simple and complex engineering applications. With its engineers working to provide expert solutions, TE Connectivity offers a wide range of connectivity and sensor solutions covering almost every and any application within many industries including aerospace, maritime and defense, automotive, oil and gas, process and chemical engineering, civil including building and construction, appliances, automation and control, consumer, industrial, industrial and commercial transportation, medical, and test and measurement. Its connectivity and sensor technologies include automotive, digital component development tools, flow, fluid property, force, humidity, liquid and water level, photo optic, piezo Film, position, pressure, rate and inertial, scanners and systems, temperature, torque, ultrasonic and vibration sensors. Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd – one of TE Connectivity’s many partners supplies and distributes these connectivity and sensor technologies to Australasia including Australia – where its base is located in Melbourne Victoria and New Zealand.


Connectivity and Sensor Technology

Automotive Sensors

TE Connectivity offers a wide range of automotive sensors including engine/exhaust sensors, brake sensors, chassis sensors, clutch sensors, platform sensors and transmission sensors so that vehicle control, adaption and response can be tested and measured making vehicles safer, more connected and greener.

Digital component sensor development tools

TE Connectivity provides a wide range of digital component sensor development tools suitable to be housed in wearable and miniature devices. These are used to collect and share critical data in many applications including aerospace, battery powered, air quality and health monitoring and fitness to name a few. These sensors include peripheral modules, wing boards, drivers, wireless demo and development kits and pictail plus.

Flow sensors

TE Connectivity manufactures mass air flow sensors which can be used to test and measure applications such as automotive, medical and industrial gas flow. Likewise, TE Connectivity manufactures flow switches that can be used in water control, power shower, central heating systems, circulation pump protection and cooling and leaking detection.

Fluid property sensors

This range includes a wide variety of sensors to measure fluids including the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) level and level quality sensors as well as Diesel Exhaust Fluid Selective Catalytic reduction (DEF SCR) sensors. This technology – in conjunction with advanced software algorithms measures different fluid properties including viscosity, density and dielectric constant of oils and fuels as well as monitor these fluid properties. These sensors operate under diverse pressure, temperature and flow conditions so that “real time” fluid properties are tested and measured. Applications include engines, fuel systems, SCR systems, compressors, transmissions and gear boxes.

Force sensors

TE Connectivity offers a wide range of precision force sensors such as tension and compression load cells covering almost every industry. The load cells, manufactured by TE Connectivity include low cost OEM load cells, standard and miniature load cells, s – beam load cells and low profile and pan – cake load cells. Other force sensors designed and developed by TE include automotive design and test sensors such as seat belt sensors and brake pedals to name a few as well as electronics/displays to signal condition, display and monitor measured data.

Humidity sensors

The relative humidity (RH) is measured using a variety of humidity components and sensors designed based on patented capacitive technology. The different types of humidity sensors humidity and temperature (NTC) components and humidity and temperature (NTC) mini-modules, humidity and temperature (NTC) probes, humidity and temperature (NTC) sensors and finally E&V humidity and temperature modules. These sensors can be used in many different applications including automotive, heavy truck, aerospace and home appliances.

Liquid and water level sensors

TE offers a variety of high and low level sensors used to measure the liquid level of power steering fluid, coolant, windscreen wash, fuel and oil. Furthermore, these liquid level sensors can be applied in many industries including storage and collection tanks, vending machines, showers for the disabled, heat exchangers, washing machines, central heating systems, boilers as well as different applications within the food and beverage industry.

Additionally, TE offers water level sensors designed to measure and analyze water level and quality of lakes, rivers, estuaries, and aquifers.

Photo optic sensors

TE offers both photo optic components and photo optic sensors featuring dual LED, bi-wavelength emitters and spectrally paired photo detectors. The photo optic sensors such as the pulse oximetry (SpO2) which can be used for medical applications.

Piezo Film sensors

Piezo film sensors provide vibration, accelerometer or dynamic switch elements applied in many industries. The Piezoelectric fluoropolymer film is very versatile and can be designed in many shapes and sizes.

Position sensors

This range consists of a large variety of reliable and cost effective linear and angular position, tilt and fluid level sensors for different applications such as automotive, power generation, subsea, hydraulics, medical, HVACR, process controls, factory automation, security systems, military and aerospace and nuclear. TE manufactures:

  • magneto resistive (MR) linear and angle sensors
  • angular position transducers (inductive and encoders)
  • single, dual and multi axes tilt sensors
  • proximity magnets and sensors
  • linear position transducers (inductive and encoders)
  • potentiometers (linear and angular)

Furthermore, TE offers LVDT instrumentation to control and monitor measured data.

Pressure Sensors

TE designs and develops a wide variety of pressure sensors which can be applied to almost every application including medical, HVACR, off road/heavy equipment, altimeter/NAV applications as well as general industrial applications. Most importantly, these pressure sensors can be used for applications that require harsh environments.

TE develops:

  • Board level pressure sensors (digital and altimeter, amplified and mV output)
  • Disposable medical pressure sensors (mV output)
  • Media isolated pressure sensor modules (digital or analog output)
  • Transducers and transmitters (wireless, industrial, miniature, hazardous location or liquid level)

Rate and inertial sensors

This range consists of accurate, rugged and easy to use MEMS accelerometers, rate gyros and inertial measurement systems for industrial, aerospace and research applications. TE Connectivity designs and develops plug and play gyros, angular rate sensors.

Scanners and systems

Designed specifically for test and measurement of wind tunnel, flight and turbomachinery, this range consists of data systems based on electronic pressure and temperature scanners from the Pressure Systems brand (PSI). Products within this range include pressure and temperature complete data acquisition systems, pressure complete data acquisition systems, pressure scanners and multi scanner data acquisition systems.

Temperature sensors

TE provides a wide range of temperature sensors, ranging from sensing elements (NTC), RTDs, thermocouples, thermopiles, digital outputs as well as sensor accessories. These can be applied to the aerospace, automotive and motor control, instrumentation appliances, medical and HVACR.

Torque sensors

TE offers a wide range of reaction torque and rotary torque sensors using advanced strain gage technology to test and measure static and dynamic applications.

Ultrasonic sensors

This range consists of a wide variety of level sensors using ultrasonic technology. These sensors may be applied to different environments including air bubble detection for medical pumps, point and continuous level for semi-conductors and high purity markets as well as point level sensors for process control operations. The product range includes:

  • Air bubble and non-invasive point level
  • Contact multi-point level
  • Standard contact
  • Continuous level

Vibration Sensors

This range includes more than 20 years of design and manufacturing resulting in accelerometers developed using the Microelectromechanical system (MEMS), bonded gage and piezoelectric ceramic/ film technologies. This range can be applied to almost every industry from aerospace to process control and includes MEMS DC accelerometers, Piezoelectric accelerometers, DC accelerometers, charge mode Piezoelectric accelerometers, voltage mode Piezoelectric (IEPE) accelerometers and voltage mode Piezoelectric accelerometers. Furthermore, TE provides electronic instrumentation enabling signal conditioning.

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