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2016 saw the VBOX sport used in the Motorsport industry to optimize and improve performance. Matt Morris, a 15 year old Motorsport enthusiast competed in several junior category go – karting events in 2016 to success. With the help of the VBOX sport, Matt Morris qualified for pole position in the final race and set the fastest lap of the race crossing the finish line in first position!

Matt Morris recommended the VBOX Sport because it is a “compact data logger used to lines as well as provide data that relates to car set up and changes… and shows me where there is room for improvement, which is important to my learning and development in this sport”

The VBOX Sport is used in all vehicles including car, motorbike, bicycle, jet-ski, powerboat you name it!

With an eight hour battery life, the VBOX Sport can be used to accurately log GPS data (E.g. speed, acceleration, distance, time) directly to the supplied SD card, allowing you to improve your performance using our analysis software – Circuit Tools.

VBOX Sport Performance Test

VBOX Sport LapTimer

VBOX Sport Diagnotics

  • Accel / Decel
  • Speed
  • VMAX
  • 0-60, 0-100
  • 1/4 mile time
  • G-force
  • Braking performance
  • Zero to zero times
  • Free of charge
  • Check health of the hardware
  • Check GPS data reception
  • Free of charge
  • Auto track selection
  • Predicted lap time
  • Current or maximum speed
  • Lap times / sector times
  • Custom circuit creation
  • Lap data analysis in CT
  • Range of config options
  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Free of charge


  • Check health of the hardware
  • Check GPS data reception
  • Free of charge

The VBOX Sport is officially certified by Apple, connects to an iPhone™, iPod™, or iPad™ via a wireless Bluetooth connection, and works with the popular app – Harry’s Lap Timer.

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