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Established in 1999, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik has designed and manufactured precision position and distance sensors. With its headquarters located in Taufkirchen near Munich and a branch in Brühl near Cologne, WayCon sells its position and distance measurement products over 20 countries. Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian supplier, distributing these highly accurate sensors for applications across all industries including automotive, automation, aerospace, appliances, civil and construction, chemical and process engineering, marine, mechanical, medical, sports, rail and transportation, oil and gas etc.




Draw Wire Sensors

This range, more commonly known as “string pots” consists of low cost, compact and accurate sensors used to measure position or change in position. These contact based draw wire sensors are relatively maintenance free and quick and easy to assemble so that they can be used for all applications.


  • Draw Wire Sensor SX50
  • Draw Wire Sensor SX80
  • Draw Wire Sensor SX120
  • SX135 Long Range Sensor
  • Draw Wire Mechanics Series SX
  • SX200 Hydraulic Transducer
  • SX300 Hydraulic Transducer
  • LX Compact Sensor
  • Draw Wire Sensor FX-HM
  • Draw Wire Sensor ZX
  • HX with speed output

Laser Sensors

These non-contact based, highly precision sensors offer high resolution measuring distance, route and position. Using advanced electronics in conjunction with the triangulation or phase shift method, these laser sensors are able to calculate the exact distance to the measurement object.


  • Laser Sensor LAS
  • Laser Sensor LAR (NEW)
  • Laser Sensor LAM
  • Laser Sensor LAV
  • LLD-150 Long Distance Laser
  • LLD-500 Long Distance Laser

Linear Potentiometers

This range of sensors is relatively inexpensive combining simple design with high precision to measure distance and position. These linear potentiometers use a voltage divider via a hybrid layer of plastic and are available up to a protection class of IP68. Furthermore, these come in a variety of designs and mountings options.


  • Linear Potentiometer LRW
  • Linear Potentiometer LRW1
  • Linear Potentiometer LRW2, LRW3
  • Linear Potentiometer LMI12/LME12
  • Linear Potentiometer LMI12-SE/LMI12-SL
  • Linear Potentiometer LZW
  • Linear Potentiometer LZW1
  • Linear Potentiometer LZW2
  • Linear Potentiometer LMS18
  • Linear Potentiometer LZW2-IP
  • Linear Potentiometer LSW

Magnetostrictive Transducers

Mangetostrictive transducers within this range are used in automation, level measurements and in hydraulic cylinders at pressures up to 350 bar. These sensors are contact free and wear-free extending the life of the sensors.


  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MAB
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MAP
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MAZ
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MOP
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MSB

Ultrasonic Sensors

these contact free sensors measure distance to the measurement object – regardless of material and color. Ultrasonic sensors are used for level measurement as well as profiling.


  • Ultrasonic Sensors UFP, UPA-6000
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UFA-1500
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UFA200
  • UFA150FB, UFA150CP
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UPT
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UX micro 150
  • UX micro 500
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UN500, UN1000, UN2500, UN5000
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UPR-A ATEX
  • Ultrasonic Sensors UBA-AT-30, UBA-AT-40

Capacitive Sensors


  • Capacitive Sensor

These sensors are based on the capacitive measurement principle offering contact free measurement of distance to conductive targets with extreme precision and accuracy. These can be applied in extreme environments such as nuclear radiation, high vacuum etc.

Capacitive sensors use high class electronics, on or multi-channel and cost effective electronics KL such that reliable results are attained.

Display Controls

WayCon offers a variety of electronic displays that can be equipped with a variety of output cards for further data processing. Depending on the model, functions include resetting to zero, setting limits, linearisation and scaling etc.


  • Position Display WAY-D
  • Position Display WAY-SSI
  • Position Display PAXP
  • Position Display PAXDP
  • Position Display PAXD
  • Position Display PAXI


This class of sensors measures the change in angle in rotating parts with high precision.


  • Analog Rotary Sensor WP
  • Incremental Encoders A36, A58
  • SSI Absolute Encoder (Sendix)
  • EtherCAT Absolute Encoder (Sendix)
  • CANopen Absolute Encoder (Sendix)
  • Profibus Absolute Encoder (Sendix)
  • Profinet Absolute Encoder (Sendix)
  • Sendix Absolute Encoder
  • Accessories Draw Wire Mechanics Series SX

Signal Conditioners


  • Signal Conditioner PMX-24

The PMX-24 model features galvantic isolation, integrated cable break detection, or configurable outputs and converts potentiometric sensor signals into proportional analog output signals.

Hydraulic Sensors

WayCon offers a variety of sensors such as draw wire, magnetostrictive and linear potentiometers, designed to be installed inside the hydraulic cylinders (pressurized area). Additionally, the MOP series is designed for pneumatic cylinders to be installed outside the cylinder – measuring on magnetic pistons without contact.


  • SX200 Hydraulic Transducer
  • SX300 Hydraulic Transducer
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MSB
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MOP
  • Magnetostrictive Transducer MAZ
  • Linear Potentiometer LMI12/LME12
  • Linear Potentiometer LMI12-SE/LMI12-SL

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