• Whats New? Mantracourt Wireless Dongle Base Station
  • Whats New? Mantracourt Wireless Dongle Base Station
  • Whats New? Mantracourt Wireless Dongle Base Station
January 10, 2018 Craig Nyssen News Comments Off

To kick off the new year, Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd would like to introduce Mantracourts new wireless dongle base station. The T24 wireless telemetry dongle base station (T24-BSd) is the smallest in the base station range and enables you to connect to the wireless telemetry moduels at a line of sight range of up to 500 meters. It provides a portable solution with no wiring that makes it ideally suited for laptops and tablets that run a full version of Windows.T24-Bd4-236x300


  • Provides wireless data from T24 transmitter modules
  • Up to 500 m (1,600 ft) wireless range
  • Configures any T24 Telemetry module via USB
  • Portable device which is designed for laptops and tablets
  • Ideal for portable logging using 100 Channel logging and viewing software
  • IP50 rated enclosure dimensions 45 x 19 x 11 mm

It draws power from the USB bus and therefore no further components are required to configure and control remote devices from a PC.  It is offered as an alternative to the T24-BSue base station which provides up to 800 m range.

The best part, you can have different sensor type reading sent to a base station. The T24 protocol is essentially a broadcast protocol and the receivers can handle as many transmitters as it takes to fill the bandwidth on a particular radio channel. This essentially means that you can monitor as many transmitter modules as you like as long as the sum total of those transmissions does not exceed about 200 samples per second.

The only limitation on the base station is that it can only monitor one radio channel. So as long as all the modules are on the same channel there is no problem.

What are the differences between the four base stations?

T24-BSd – The smallest and most cost effective Dongle USB base station has a range of 500 m and is ideal for  use with laptops and tablets. The enclosure is IP50 rated.

T24-BSu – This USB base station has a range of 500 m and and is desktop or wall mountable. The enclosure is IP50 rated.

T24-BSue – The extended range USB base station has a range of 800 m and is housed in an IP67 rated enclosure.

T24-BSi – This has an 800 m range, the same range as the BSue, but is housed a larger enclosure (also IP67). As well as a USB interface it also support RS232 and RS485.

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