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Imetrum is a world leader in the field of camera-based, non-contact precision measurement. Founded in 2003, Imetrum is renowned for having made a breakthrough in sub-pixel measurement resolution, enabling the technique to become a viable method for measuring properties of composite materials. Based on innovative Video Gauge software, Imetrum’s measurement systems are characterised by their measurement resolution, accuracy, versatility and efficient work flows as well as offering unique measurement tools such as 2 and 3D optical LVDTs and measurement of true shear strain.

What is Video Gauge software?

Video Gauge software gives highly accurate measurements that save users time and money in their testing regimes. The fundamental principles behind Imetrum’s technology are often referred to as Digital Image Correlation (DIC). DIC is a way of taking precise measurements using cameras. It is used by engineers across many disciplines to quickly identify strains and displacements across a region of interest or a whole object, without altering the test results by attaching physical sensors such as strain gauges and LVDTs.

How does it work?

Video Gauge software works by tracking patterns in an image. Providing rich data in a quick, easy to interpret way, Video Gauge software can be used for many measurements including identifying locations of high strain, measuring global deformation and scanning areas to identify the early onset of cracks. It is also commonly used to verify finite element analysis.

Video Gauge software can measure the following properties:

  • Position
  • Displacement
  • Distance
  • Strain
  • Rotation

Key features and benefits:

  • High precision – fast and accurate solution
  • Genuinely non-contact – saving time and money by minimising access and contact
  • High speed, real time, multi point measurement
  • Easy to use and integrate into existing work practices – users will spend less time and effort getting the pattern and lighting right
  • Eliminates the need for multiple measurement devices

What are the types of measurement systems?

Dynamic Monitoring Stations

Imetrum’s Dynamic Monitoring Station (DMS) can be used to monitor the dynamic movement of civil and geotechnical structures. The DMS system can measure position (displacement, distance), strain (expansion, contraction, crack opening) and rotation (twist, tilt and bending) of a structure.

One of the key advantages of using DMS is that there is no need to access a structure directly to measure it. This eliminates many project delays related to access such as arranging possessions or traffic management and delivers safer working practices by keeping staff and vehicles apart as well as eliminating the need to work at height or over water.

Precision Displacement Trackers

The 3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT) by Imetrum is a powerful, camera-based displacement sensor that lowers test setup times, reduces cost and delivers accurate, rich data sets. PDT eliminates the need for building mounting frames and bracketry for each sensor.

It is a highly flexible alternative to LVDTs, DTIs, EDMs, encoders, laser trackers and potentiometers. The 3D PDT is pre-calibrated and ready to measure – there is no need to spend time calibrating, learning how to calibrate, or worrying if a system is in calibration.

The flexibility of the PDT ensures it is suitable for a wide range of applications including acceptance testing, deformation measurement, measuring component stiffness, measuring compliance in bearings, couplings and fastenings, understanding static and dynamic behaviour, measurement of hot and delicate components and validating and correlating with FE models.

Universal Video Extensometers

Imetrum’s Video Extensometers save users time and money when testing and qualifying materials. They offer traceable, best in class resolution with proven Video Gauge technology delivering higher performance than alternatives. Imetrum systems meet the most demanding requirements for strain, elongation and modulus measurements in tensile, compression, flex, shear and peel tests. Video Extensometers work with all materials and provide hazard free high and low temperature testing.

Talk to the experts

At Applied Measurement, we are the Australian agents for Imetrum’s range of non-contact precision measurement products. As industry leaders, we specialise in custom solutions to make your application better.

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