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Inspiring Innovation and Safety through Measurement Technology!

The demand for testing and measurement has always been a requirement within all market segments. But in today’s focus of safe worksite environments, measuring live high situations like haul trucks, conveyors and heavy machinery in the field or even controlled  environments are a severe hazard to both equipment and users if proper precautions aren’t applied.

Given the risk to the fitter performing the measurements, and human error, it’s always best to follow safe work practices and to use the correct test instruments that minimise risk on that you’re measuring.

Wherever possible, the preference is to work as safe and follow proper lockout/tagout procedures. The elimination of live work involves identifying technology, tools and work processes that will eliminate the risks involved for people working with heavy plant & equipment.

One such piece of technology is the XTMS – a unique wireless measurement product developed by Applied Measurement Australia under the in-house product brand XTRAN.

The XTMS is designed to remove maintenance personnel from the dangers of live work while facilitating safe and accurate wireless measurement and improving operational efficiency in the performance of live work.

Introducing the XTMS

The XTRAN Telemetry Measurement System (or XTMS for short) has been designed around the need for clients to remove their personnel out of harm’s way with maintenance measurements on heavy machinery, vehicles or anywhere the elimination of live work is needed. The XTMS system can easily be configured and customised to your unique application, including customised sensor solutions such as pressure, RPM, linear position, temperature, vibration and force.

What can the XTMS do?

XTMS consists of a combination of up to 100 wireless sensors in many different configurations. These send information via WiFi back to either an integrated or USB wireless base station up to 200 meters away. The XTMS sensors are factory calibrated to provide high precision and reliable measurement results.

XTMS uses magnetic mounting and standardised AA batteries for power. This means the modules require less setup and configuration, allowing for quick and easy measurements. The XTMS can also generate custom reports for each measurement window, allowing detailed reporting to be created for predictive machine maintenance.

All XTMS systems are supplied in high-quality cases with customised foam cutouts to protect your precision measurement system during transportation and storage. All sensors within our product range meet all stringent quality and accuracy specifications.

What applications does the XTMS suit?

XTMS is universally designed for any measurement location. These sensors can be used as a stand-alone system or as part of a larger, complete measurement system. For example, they can be used in a sensor system for structural health monitoring applications or applied to inductive telemetry systems for wireless measurement on rotating parts.

What are the top benefits of the XTMS?

Thanks to its innovative design and development, the XTMS offers a variety of benefits. As a result, the system is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Safety – Since this was the primary factor for its development, a leading benefit of the XTMS is its safety. As a wireless instrument, operators can continuously supervise processes in hazardous environments and report data to an operator or monitoring facility located a safe distance away. The XTMS can also be used in locations that are difficult to access due to extreme conditions such as high temperature, pH and pressure.

Convenience – Wireless sensors can be used to form a network that enables the operator or engineer to monitor multiple locations from one station, providing centralised control. In addition, a number of wireless sensors have the ability to deliver up-to-the-minute data, accessible anywhere in the world.

Cost-Effectiveness – The use of a wireless sensor like XTMS can reduce the costs associated with monitoring and running a factory by eliminating the need for extension wire, conduit, and other costly accessories. The XTMS expands upon the capabilities of traditional wired sensors and controllers, delivering convenience and capability.

Quality of the XTMS system

Here at Applied Measurement Australia, we’re focused on maintaining a high standard of quality amongst all products, services, and experiences to our customers and suppliers. To ensure this, we’re certified to ISO-9001:2015 standards. The ISO 9001:2015 certification specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction. To learn more about our Certification and Policies that cover that XTMS system, please contact us directly.

Get the data you need, safely

Regardless of an industry or specific application, there is constant pressure to increase safety and efficiency, as well as reduce energy consumption and maximise equipment up-time.

However, making these improvements often requires data that you don’t have. Too often, the effort required to get the necessary data is hazardous, complex, expensive and disruptive to critical equipment or processes. As a result, those valuable projects are set aside. The XTMS solves this problem, making it easy and non-intrusive to capture sensor data from existing equipment and operations to enable ongoing improvements that lower costs, increase productivity and reduce waste.

If you want to skip the browsing and talk to someone about sensor solutions, the Applied Measurements team is happy to help. As experienced measurement equipment suppliers since 1976, we can deliver sensor solutions to support industrial machinery, power and utilities, telecom, instrumentation, vending equipment, semiconductor and security equipment. Our product portfolio includes in-house manufactured product as well as an enviable range of international brands including TE Connectivity products.

Check out the XTMS online here or get in touch with us to discuss your sensor requirements.

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