Digital Panel Meters

Lascar Electronics designs and manufactures a full range of digital panel meters which features remarkable response times and easy setup. Our extensive range of products include LCD and LED voltmeters, 4-20mA indicators, temperature indicators, serial data, data displays, and graphics modules for use in sensing, processing and text, plus automation apps.

Digital LCD Panel Meters

Excellent for daylight or well-lit environments, our LCD panel meters offer a unique low power option across a wide range of applications. In addition to traditional green and grey LCDs, our selection includes a variety of colored backlighting options as well a unique enhanced black LCD range, designed to give the functional appearance of an LED but with a low power requirement of an LCD. Our LCD panel meters are available in a variety of sizes from 8mm to 19mm digit height in a round, single-piece moldings or with optional NEMA 4X rated bezels.


Digital LED Panel Meters

Our LED panel meters offer better visibility in low-light environments and, for their size, are generally clearer from a greater distance than the LCD displays. Our extensive range of LED panel meters include options in multiple color options and are available in a variety of sizes from 8mm to 19mm digit height in a round, single-piece molding or with optional NEMA 4X rated bezels.

4-20mA Digital Panel Meters

We design and manufacture a wide range of loop-powered digital panel meters, which feature remarkable LCD and LED displays and easy setup. These self-powered panel meters may be connected to a 4-20mA current loop with no need for additional power. From sub-miniature 11mm digit height to large 19mm options, our range of 4-20 mA loop-powered panel meters includes backlit options, displays with single-piece moldings or with optional NEMA 4X rated bezels as well as Go-NO GO backlighting functionality.

EasyMount Digital Panel Meters

Our EasyMount Panel Meter series is designed to easily fit into any application. Perfect for new or retrofit display applications, these displays are fitted with a threaded stud which allows mounting of the product through a 5.5 mm hole. The waterproof EM32 series can be panel mounted with a 32.5 mm dia. cut-out and are designed to require no soldering. The connection is via screw terminals and options are selected via jumper links.


With Lascar’s range of thermometer displays, we’ve combined thermistor and thermocouple-based temperature sensors with LCDs for a complete temperature solution in a straightforward package.

Digital Panel Meter Accessories

In addition to our full range of digital panel meter products, we also have accessories, like the IP67-NEMA-4X. These rated displays are possible for the DPM 700 and 900 series when you add our optional metal alloy bezels.

PanelPilot Displays

Looking for something more custom? Our PanelPilot displays are customizable digital panel meters that show a variety of styles previously supported by traditional meters. Easily configure with our free PanelPilot software to display all types of information such as bar graph, analog, or numeric meter styles with user-defined color, text, units, and more.