MTi-100 IMU

The MTi-100 is our highest-performing Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). It provides calibrated data on the 3D rate of turn, 3D acceleration and 3D magnetic field. The superior, vibration-rejecting gyroscopes – part of the entire MTi 100series – guarantee high-quality acceleration and orientation data, even in challenging environments.

The MTi-100 is a high-performing Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The Xsens optimized strapdown algorithm (AttitudeEngine™) performs high-speed dead-reckoning calculations at 2 kHz, accurately capturing high-frequency motions. It features vibration-rejecting gyroscopes and offers high-quality inertial data, even in challenging environments. The MTi-100 supports optimized temperature calibration, high-frequency outputs, and has configurable output settings for synchronization with any third-party device.

The MTi-100 is part of the MTi 100-series supported by the MT Software Suite, which includes MT Manager (GUI for Windows/Linux), SDK, example codes and drivers for many platforms.

Technical specifications

IMU Performance

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Strapdown Integration (SDI)

Sensing Components

  • Gyroscope
    Standard full range: 450 deg/s
    In-run bias stability: 10 deg/h
    Noise density: 0.01 º/s/√Hz
  • Accelerometer
    Standard full range: 20g
    In-run bias stability: 15 µg
    Noise density: 60 µg/√Hz
  • Magnetometer

System Specifications

  • Mechanical
    IP-rating: IP67
    Dimensions: 57 x 41.90 x 23.60 mm
    Weight: 55 gr
  • Electrical
    Input voltage: 3V3, 4.5V-34V
    Power consumption: 520 mW
  • Interfaces/IO
    Interfaces: USB, RS232, RS422, UART
    Protocols: Xbus
    Output frequency: up to 2kH

57×41.90×23.60 mm

Operating Temp : -40 to 85 ºC