RT LIVE is a new type of data logger, which logs directly to a secure cloud storage using a wireless mobile internet connection.

RT LIVE Pro – On-line data logger with telemetry

RT LIVE is a new type of data logger, which logs directly to a secure cloud storage using a wireless mobile internet connection. Data logged by the unit can be accessed over the internet, and all inputs to the device can also be monitored in real time over the internet using any web browser (including Microsoft, Apple and Android products), or using our PC software.

RT LIVE is ideal for applications where data logging or monitoring is required, but the vehicle is inaccessible.  Typical examples would be mileage accumulation vehicles, customer vehicles, climatic testing or field trials. In addition, it also simplifies data handling, and allows office based engineers to access test data as it is being collected at the test track.
The RT LIVE unit can be used for simple applications as a standalone unit, just requiring an external 12v power feed.

The built-in inputs include:

  • Standard accuracy 5Hz GPS
  • CAN data input port
  • 8 channels built analogue inputs
  • RPM input

Alternatively the RT LIVE unit can be used as part of a Complete Automotive Testing System (CATS), which can include a combination of  Race Technology’s SPEEDBOX, thermocouple, analogue modules and DASH4PRO display. Note that the RT LIVE unit can also be used in combination with the DL2 data logger, in this configuration all data can be logged locally to the SD card, whilst just summary data is sent to the cloud storage.

As well as sending the data to the cloud storage for later download and review, all data is also simultaneously available as a live telemetry feed. Summary telemetry can be viewed on the RT Cloud web site. Or more detailed telemetry is available on the “Live Monitor” application.



When a mobile data connection is not available the data is automatically buffered in the RT LIVE internal memory and uploaded to the storage facility the next time a connection is available. All data is stored on the cloud as standard format Race Technology data (RUN) files which are compatible with all Race Technology’s software, including the comprehensive data analysis package. Alternatively the raw data can be very easily converted to other formats including Excel and Matlab. The cloud service is a commercial service provided by Amazon EC2, the data is held securely and fully backed up with redundancy.

Each RT LIVE unit is registered on the Race Technology website before first use. Either a single unit can be registered to an account, or a batch of units can be registered together for ease of management of a vehicle test fleet. The SIM card is user accessible and any data SIM can be used to stream live data. A data SIM can be baught from Race Technology and more information about the data package can be found from here.

A video explanation of the RT LIVE is shown below:

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