The MTi-680 represents the highest standard in GNSS/INS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems/Inertial Navigation Systems) when connected to an external Real-Time Kinematic GNSS receiver (RTK). The MTi-680 supports RTK accuracy, which means you get access to smooth high frequency (400Hz) centimeter-level accuracy in position even in GNSS-denied environments. As a part of the MTi 600-series, this module is lightweight, robust and cost-effective. You can seamlessly integrate the MTi-680 in your application with the header facing down, directly mounted on a PCB, or as a standalone unit, with a flat cable for communication.

The MTi-680 is an RTK GNSS/INS with a small form-factor design for deep integration into your application. Building on the proven MTi 600-series technology it enables a robust and easy to use cm-level positioning and orientation tracking. It features an interface to an external RTK GNSS receiver so you can efficiently design your application. It is designed for easy integration and seamless interfacing with other equipment.

Technical specifications

Sensor fusion performance

  • Roll, Pitch
    0.2 deg RMS
  • Yaw/Heading
    0.5 deg RMS
  • Position
    1 cm CEP
  • Velocity
    0.05 m/s RMS

Sensing Components

  • Gyroscope
    Standard full range: 2000 deg/s
    In-run bias stability: 4 deg/h
    Noise density: 0.004 º/s/√Hz
  • Accelerometer
    Standard full range: 10 g
    In-run bias stability: 10 (x,y) 15(z) µg
    Noise density: 60 µg/√Hz
  • Magnetometer
  • GNSS receiver
  • Barometer

System Specifications

  • Mechanical 
    IP-rating (equivalent): IP51
    Dimensions: 28×31.50×13 mm
    Weight: 8.9 gram
  • Electrical
    Input voltage: 4.5 to 24V
    Power consumption (typ.): <1 W
  • Interfaces / IO
    Interfaces: UART, CAN, RS232
    Protocols: Xbus, ASCII (NMEA) or CAN
    Output frequency: 1kHz, 400Hz SDI



Dimensions : 28×31.5×13 mm


Operating Temperature : -40 to 85 ºC