PKD 2000

PKD 2000 weight indicator

The PKD 2000 weight indicator is versatile and suitable for all types of weighing in the industrial sector as it can be customized according to the purpose of use. The PKD 2000 weight indicator can connect up to 8 load cells and manage up to 4 independent scales. Calibration and linearization up to 8 points can be programmed directly from the digital keyboard or from a PC. PKD 2000 has 4 softwares that facilitate and complete the use of the weight indicator: AF01 (suitable for advanced weighting and formulation applications), AF02 (suitable for weighing applications, piece counting, data management and printing) AF04 ( suitable for advanced static control applications), AF05 (for advanced weight management, labeling and pricing).

Temperature range: -10 ÷ +50 °C